Technology Licensing

Based on our decades of research efforts together with supports from government and industry, we have compiled the results of the core speech technologies for licensing by interested parties. These technologies covers areas from speech synthesis to recognition. There are also infrastructural resources that would allow other technology developers to leverage our resources to further advance the high technologies in the speech area. Below is a list of the currently available technologies. You are welcome to have a look at them and let us know if you would like to license them.


A 40000-word Cantonese pronunciation dictionary.


A large scale collection of microphone speech for Hong Kong Cantonese together with transcription.


A large scale collection of telephone speech for Hong Kong Cantonese together with transcription.


A software library for Cantonese text-to-speech synthesis in form of application programming interface.


Recognition software building block. Software library for Chinese speech recognition in form of tools together with application programming interface (API).

Other databases