CURSBB is the recognition software building blocks designed to enable non-expert parties to try and play with speech recognition technology. It allows users to build their own speech recognition systems and integrate speech capability into their products and services. CURSBB offers speech recognition capability using microphone as well as over telephone handsets. Useful development tools are provided to enable rapid prototyping and application development for Chinese spoken language system in a cost effective way.

CURSBB comprises of a collection of tools and useful application programming interfaces (API) on the Windows platform. Users can build their speech recognizers easily and test the resulting performance interactively. These tools are designed to be easy and simple for novice to the speech technology. By making use of the application programming interfaces (CURec), users may further integrate the speech recognizers they have tested into their products and services for practical deployment. The core components of CURSBB are described below:


  • integrated tools for rapid prototyping of speech recognition components
  • provide simple and user friendly interfaces
  • enable interactive design and testing of speech recognizers
  • lower non-expert parties?entry barrier to empower their products and services with speech interfaces


  • tool for vocabulary selection during the speech recognizer design process
  • simple graphical user interface (GUI) for easy vocabulary selection process
  • Cantonese and Putonghua pronunciation lexicons are integrated to suggest candidate pronunciations for selected vocabulary items


  • tool for recognition grammar construction during the speech recognizer design process
  • simple graphical user interface (GUI) for easy drag-and-drop grammar crafting process
  • complicated tasks can be accomplished through a few point-and-click actions
  • automatic generation of the final speech recognition grammar with a mouse click


  • application programming interfaces (API) implemented as dynamically linked library (DLL) running under Windows platform
  • provides programming interfaces for developers to integrate speech technology into their products and services
  • multi-thread safe design to offer greater scalability
  • work over both microphone and telephone channels

Useful documents

  • A brief introduction of the recognition software building blocks (CURSBB)
  • An overview of the recognition software building blocks (CURSBB)
  • Interface and an example task for the recognition software building blocks (CURSBB)
  • Designer's Gudie for CURSBB(TM) Version 1.00.02


CURSBB is now available for licensing. Click here for the prices. You may first get an evaluation version (with limited capability) to investigate the feasibility of integration with your intended applications. For further details, please contact Ms. Tracy PANG (, Technology Development Team, Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (ORKTS), CUHK.


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