Prof. P. C. Ching - Awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS) by the Government of HKSAR

The Government of HKSAR has awarded Prof. P. C. Ching the Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS) in 2017. Congratulations!

Prof. Wing-Kin Ma - Awarded Fellow of IEEE for contributions to optimization in signal processing and communications

The IEEE Board of Directors at its Novenber 2016 meeting, elevated Prof. Wing-Kin Ma to IEEE Fellow, effective 1 January 2017, with the citation: 'For contributions to optimization in signal processing and communications'. Congratulations!

Dr. FU Xiao - Awarded 'best junior postdoctoral associate' of the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota has awarded Dr. FU Xiao the 'best junior postdoctoral associate'. Dr. FU is our Lab alumnus who received Ph.D. degree in 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Wing-Kin Ma. He is currently a postdoctoral associate at the Dept. of Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota. Congratulations!

Prof. CHING Pak Chung - Awarded Choh-Ming Li Professorship

The University has awarded Professor CHING Pak Chung the Choh-Ming Li Professorship to recognize his distinguished scholastic performance. Congratulations!


Prof. Wing-Kin Ma - Awarded the 2015 IEEE Signal Processing
Magazine Best Paper

Prof. Wing Kin Ma is awarded the 2015 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Best Paper for the following paper: Z.-Q. Luo, W.-K. Ma, A. M.-C. So, Y. Ye, and S. Zhang, "Semidefinite relaxation of quadratic optimization problems," IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 20-34, May 2010. Congratulations!


Prof. Wing-Kin Ma - Awarded the Research Excellence Award 2013-14

Prof. Wing Kin Ma is awarded the Research Excellence Award 2013-14 by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In granting this Award, the University recognizes his remarkable accomplishment in research. Congratulations!


About us

  • Digital signal processing (DSP) refers to a broad area of research that concerns all kinds of problems in acquiring, analyzing, interpreting and manipulating digitized signals or data. It is the foundation of telecommunication and Internet, and has enabled innumerable innovations in the areas of multimedia, security, health care, etc. At the DSP & Speech Technology Laboratory (DSP-STL), our current research is focused on: (1) signal processing for communication; (2) speech and audio processing; (3) language and neuroscience.

  • DSP-STL is a venue to nurture young researchers, to foster cutting-edge research, and to transfer knowledge into technological practice. It is an open and lively environment featured by cross-disciplinary study, research exchange opportunities and industrial collaboration. We welcome PhD applicants, undergraduate research interns and visiting researchers

Our research

Speech and audio processing

study of acoustic, perceptual and linguistic properties of speech and audio signals, and exploitation of these properties in various applications of human-computer interaction, multi-media information processing, medical and healthcare systems. read more

Signal processing for communications

application of advanced signal processing and mathematical techniques to solve important, but possibly challenging problems in communications. read more

Language and neuroscience

multi-disciplinary study of human speech and language related behaviors with neuroscience perspectives. read more