CUTalk is a set of Application Programming Interfaces (API) for Cantonese text-to-speech synthesis. It can efficiently convert Chinese text into Cantonese speech, either to computer audio output or to an audio data file. CUTalk enables system developers to empower their products and services with speech output.

The basic functions and features of CUTalk include:

  • converting text input to speech output
  • switching between male and female voice
  • adjustable speaking rate
  • choice of output format (computer audio output or audio file)

In addition, the software have the following advanced features:

  • multi-thread safe
  • run on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms
  • different output file formats, e.g., mu-law compressed or raw wave
  • handling most homograph (one word multiple pronunciations) problems in Chinese
  • accept Big5 or GB encoded input text
  • different ways of reading numerals, i.e., digit string or number
  • skipping or reading out punctuation marks
  • spelling out English alphabets

More information can be found from:


Samples Speech Files

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If you have got a licensed version of the CUTalk, there are several additional examples for investigating the capability of the API.


CUTalk is now available for licensing. Click here for the prices. You may first get an evaluation version (with limited capability) to investigate the feasibility of integration with your intended applications. For further details, please contact Ms. Tracy PANG (, Technology Development Team, Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (ORKTS), CUHK.


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